aboutMy Story

I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore. After High School I left for the White Mountains of New Hampshire and began my journey into the Arts while at Keene State College. Originally a Film major at school I soon was drawn to the Graphic Arts. I graduated from Keene State College in 2000 and soon began my professional journey.

In my career I’ve worked in many areas of the design field from fashion to print and web. My mix of technical skills, photography, design and the understanding of how they compliment each other make me a rare find among creatives. In addition I possess the knowledge and leadership skills to train, manage and motivate a Team.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with companies from coast to coast ranging from the Branding of a rising player in the Entertainment world in Radical Studios, to the challenging task of developing an apparel line for JEEP targeted to overseas markets. My Professional Journey has given my the opportunity to see some beautiful places along the way here in the USA and abroad. I have a deep love for the creative processes i am associated with, the journey that it has taken me on and people i’ve had the pleasure of working with along the way.
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